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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Jan. 7) – An attempt by the Solomon Islands Parliamentary Opposition to defy a government order for them to peacefully surrender Government vehicles is amiss.

It is unwise in a sense that our leaders are unjustly keeping state assets, which they are not entitled to.

Worst still, these very people were the leaders ordered defected ministers last year to return vehicles within days after their defection.

They are telling us that there are two laws - one for the defected MPs now with the government - another for the new Opposition.

No, law does not operate that way.

If the defected leaders can comply then why the Opposition MPs can’t do it now.

Those MPs demonstrated maturity and returned the vehicles without fuss. They were not even been given 14 days to use the vehicles as provided for under their Parliamentary Entitlement Regulation.

If these MPs complied with the PER - then there is no point for the former ministers not to conform to the law.

As leaders, the former ministers should lead by example.

We wish to commend certain former ministers like Charles Dausabea, Clement Kengava, Clay Forau, Trevor Olovae and Peter Boyers for complying and surrendering their vehicles.

Despite adverse publicity about some of these leaders - they have demonstrated maturity and true leadership characters.

Sadly, most of the MPs have not returned their vehicles yet.

We expect our MPs to be responsible and act as honourable members.

Previously some of them have repeatedly spoken about good governance.

But what’s the point of preaching good governance - when leaders themselves are major culprits of that very practice.

We urge leaders to return the vehicles to allow for the new ministers to use them.

The government is in a situation where it can’t afford to pay for new vehicles.

We need that money for education and health services.

If our leaders can see that point - we believe they should easily comply rather than refusing to rightfully return the vehicles.

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