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SUVA, Fiji (Fiji 1 News, Jan. 10) - There is confirmation tonight that a senior police officer had two of his immediate staff transferred out of his office on claims of alleged witchcraft.

One National News understands Assistant Police Commissioner Crime Nasir Ali discovered alleged black magic material at his desk and had the matter investigated.

He sought the transfer of the two staff, which has been endorsed by the Police Commissioner.

One National News has confirmed that alleged witchcraft material was found at Ali’s desk.

It was reported he consulted officers who had knowledge on the art of black magic and how its spell is cast on others. In this case we were told the black magic material was in the form of peculiar handwritings on a piece of paper stuck under the ACPC's desk.

One National News has confirmed after the discovery, Ali questioned three officers who frequented his office and decided to transfer two of them.

The Police Commissioner admits he has been made aware of the alleged witchcraft claims.

It is the first time such an incident has been reported from within the Police head-quarters.

One National News was told the two officers transferred out of Nasir Ali's office have denied any wrong doing.

We asked Commissioner Teleni if there could be any truth in the sorcery claim.

Despite our numerous attempts, no comments could be obtained from Nasir Ali when this bulletin was prepared.

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