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By Emmanuel T. Erediano

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Feb. 5, 2008) – The managements of two garment factories that closed over the past few weeks have donated the buildings and remaining leases on the properties to a Presbyterian church.

Mission Church to the World Pastor Han Yoo Lee said the two properties in San Antonio that are leased to Sam Kwang Saipan Corp., and the property in Lower Base leased to Top Fashion Corp. have been turned over to their church.

Sam Kwang, through its authorized representative, Jong Suk Park, assigned the lease to the Presbyterian church on Jan. 20, with the assignee obliged to pay monthly installments of $800.

Top Fashion through its secretary, Jin Yi Um signed a sublease agreement with the church on Jan. 29 with no rental fees to pay.

Top Fashion shut down in December and its lease has 45 remaining years. Sam Kwang closed on Jan. 19 with 10 and nine years left for its two properties.

Expressing deep gratitude to the two garment factories, Han Yoo Lee said they will transform the Sam Kwang facility into a new church and turn Top Fashion’s 15,000-square meter property into a "prayers castle" and lodging house for members visiting from Korea.

Han Yoo Lee said he is very close to the manager of Top Fashion while Sam Kwang manager is a member of the Presbyterian church in Chinatown.

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