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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Feb. 5, 2008) - Honiara residents have all the right to be concerned about the current state of the city’s roads.

After weeks of rain, the roads are once more dotted with potholes – not to mention craters that are developing on the backway roads.

This is not a new story though. It happens everytime there was heavy rain in the city.

But the concern is with the time it takes to fix the roads.

Experience has shown it normally took months before the potholes and craters were fixed.

By this time, the roads would be in their worst of state.

We don’t want this to happen this time. Our roads, even the main highway, are deteriorating.

As soon as the weather permits, road workers should be out there fixing the potholes.

That’s what the public expects from Infrastructure and Works minister Stanley Sofu and the City Council’s Works division.

We don’t want to hear the same old excuse there’s no money to repair the road. Or no machineries are available at this time.

Honiara’s working population, as well as businesses, pay road taxes to both the government and the city council.

They expect their taxes to be used to fix the roads at times like these.

The importance of a good road system cannot be further stated. Good roads are important for mobility and accessibility.

Already, residents are complaining that public transports are refusing to go to their areas due to the current poor road condition.

This, they said, is affecting their movements to both school and work.

Minister Sofu must know that people are watching. They want their roads to be fixed as soon as possible.

And that does not mean in the next couple of weeks, but next couple of days.

Mr Sofu would do better, to do just that.

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