By Romulus Huta

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Feb. 11, 2008) - Honiara City Council and Malaita Provincial Government yesterday signed a joint communiqué of concerns to take to the national Government in Honiara.

Main issues highlighted are unemployment, conflicts, education, roads and infrastructure, and development of Government substations, Government communication officer Brian Wanga said from Auki.

The communiqué also focuses on strategies for development in Malaita so people do not have to go to or be in Honiara to get work and public services.

It came after a three-day meeting at the Malaita provincial headquarters in Auki.

The communiqué was signed by Malaita Premier Richard Naamo Irosaea and Honiara City Mayor Alfred Maetia. It was witnessed by senior officials from both local governments.

The meeting which was initiated by the Honiara City Council leaders as result of the problems the many Malaita people in Honiara face today.

Mr. Wanga said the resolutions include for the national government to speed up major developments in Malaita Province. These include the Auluta Basin Palm Oil project and the Bina Harbour project.

This is because these are seen as an avenue to employ unemployed Malaitans.

The resolutions also called for:

Wanga said the Honiara and Malaita executives are coming together to Honiara today.

This is so that they can do a joint presentation of the communiqué to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Rural Advancement and Indigenous People.

The presentation is expected to be next week. After the presentation, the resolutions would then be forwarded to Cabinet to put on the agenda for the next meeting. After that, the Cabinet would meet with both local governments to discuss any further plan of action.

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