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By Ednal Palmer

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Feb. 14, 2008) - A little-known pool located behind King George Sixth school is said to be infested with crocodiles.

A resident in the area, Nelly Koli, told the Solomon Star the fresh water pool previously had no crocodiles.

"But today, we believe up to five crocodiles are using the pool as their homes," Ms Koli said.

She said they only sighted one at first.

But they are seeing more these days.

The presence of those crocodiles has frightened those in the area.

"Our children used to go to the pool to play and have fun. Not any more since we saw these crocodiles," Ms Koli said.

She believed the crocodiles are breeding rapidly.

Thirteen-year-old Thomas Salua said just the other day, they saw two of the reptiles sun-basking.

A student of King George Sixth, Hellen Gure, said they knew nothing about the crocodiles.

The pond is located about 200 metres behind the school.

When the Solomon Star visited there yesterday, we sighted no crocodiles.

Ms Koli said they want RAMSI police to get rid of the crocodiles.

"They must be removed before they kill any of us," she said.

A RAMSI police officer said they are prepared to hunt down crocodiles if the reptiles pose a threat to a community.

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