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Survey shows 1 out of 100 women susceptible

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu News, March 20, 2008) – A preliminary finding on cervical cancer screening survey has placed Vanuatu as one of the country with the highest cervical cancer rate in the world.

Out of every 500 women that are screened in Vanuatu, 45 will have abnormal cells that have the potential to become cancer," Director of the Ministry of Health Myriam Abel said.

Ms Abel said if mothers are not treated it is likely that 50 mothers out of every 500 women will die. The cancer screening survey here in Port Vila was conducted by Professor Ian Fraser, who is one of the world’s famous professor, led a team to inventing Human Papilloma Virus (VPV) vaccine.

A press conference will be held on Friday 14 March at 3pm at the Ministry of Health conference room, where the expert will speak on the importance of cervical cancer screening.

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