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President says ousted leader subverting process

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, March 25, 2008) – The President of Nauru, Marcus Stephen, claims that Opposition MPs and shady foreign businesspeople are trying to subvert parliamentary process and undermine the country.

He says this was shown by the Opposition convening the Parliament in secret without the attendance of Government members.

Mr Stephen, in a statement, says the Opposition led by Speaker, David Adeang, called Parliament after dark on Easter Saturday and, under candelight, passed laws to make it illegal for MPs to hold dual citizenship.

The meeting lacked a quorum but if the move had been legally binding it would have obliged two key members of the Government, Cabinet Ministers Dr Kieren Keke and Freddie Pitcher, to resign.

Mr Stephen characterises the moves by Mr Adeang, who was dumped in a vote of no confidence in December, and his cohorts, as an attempt to turn the clock back to corruption, theft and poverty. He says it is this group of people which turned Nauru from the richest per capita nation on earth to one of the poorest.

It has not been possible to contact Mr Adeang, who, once out of Government, has been denied access to the half dozen or so working phone lines on the island.

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