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Seven-year-old girl killed

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, March 26, 2008) – A Choiseul Province community coordinator, Harrison Benjamin, says the country's conservation policy of protecting crocodiles and the withdrawal of licensed guns have resulted in the loss of lives.

Mr Benjamin of Posarae Village in South Choiseul says a crocodile of about 12 feet attacked a seven-year old girl while her mother and two younger brothers looked on helplessly.

He says the incident happened early this month at Posarae Village.

Mr Benjamin says the victim was later found about one and half kilometre away from where she was attacked but without the her head and left hand.

He says the incident was the fourth where a crocodile attacked a child in South Choiseul.

Mr Benjamin calls on the relevant government authority to lift the ban on export of crocodile skin and meat so that the number of the reptile can be controlled.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp.:

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