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Group intercepted relief supplies

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, March 26, 2008) - Military officers engaged in the State of Emergency in Northern Province ordered the burning of rest houses belonging to the members of Puwo Gave Movement in Uvato Village, inland Ambasi.

The officers said the members of the sectarian movement were an obstruction to the relief efforts especially when they were blocking supplies to designated areas claiming the relief supplies were sent to them by their dead relatives.

Ambasi Ward 11 Councilor Alexander Ombeba told the Post-Courier yesterday that the Papua New Guinea Defence Force officers reached the area in early hours of the morning by sea before ordering the houses to be burnt.

Mr. Ombeba described the house as a large house built on 60 posts and containing 18 rooms that represented each village in the Ambasi area to accommodate their dead relatives after their return in 2010 as they predicted.

The officers said from reports that had being reaching them from the locals claimed that the followers’ dead relatives live some where in England will send money, goods and building materials through the Anglican Church.

The officers said the leaders of the Puwo Gave in the area left the village before they arrived in the village

"However, the followers who were in the village questioned by the officers were unable to admit to what they believed in saying they were still members of the Anglican Church," the officers said.

The officers said the followers looked confused on the activities they have been engaged in especially when they were questioned on the rooms especially marked for widowers and seekers’ girls as written on the room doors.

"They also claim that all members have entitlements to receive fortunes," Ombeba said.

The officers said the burning of the rest house at Uvato must be lesson for locals as the military will not hesitate to move into identified areas where people are engaged in such activities.

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