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Some 30 out of 50 applicants approved

By Philip N. Haruo

KOROR Palau (Palau Horizon, April 10, 2008) — Ngarchelong State Public Lands Authority has awarded 30 land lease lots to thirty individuals. NSPLA had reviewed more than fifty applications for the state’s land lease program, but had to deny approval of some of the applications due to the availability of lots.

[PIR editor’s note: Ngarchelong is a state on the island of Babeldaob in Palau.]

According to NSPLA’s representative, NSPLA had to ensure that each individual who was awarded a lot did not own any real property or a house in Ngarchelong; and that he/she has shown a need for lot for the purpose of building a residence. The selection and approval of applications was arduous in that every applicant’s background was scrutinized; and that NSPLA, unfortunately, had to inform some applicants of its disapproval of their applications.

A NSPLA representative, along with state employees, had previously marked the boundaries of the 30 residential lots of the state’s land lease program. Each of the lot was assigned a number, which each of the approved applicants had drawn for in a lottery last month at Ngarchelong State Office in Koror.

The thirty individuals who drew for the residential lots, a representative of NSPLA, and state employees went to Ngriil, Ngarchelong to identify each of the 30 lots on Friday, April 4. According to the NSPLA representative, all of the lots were located and each of the lots lessees, at least those who were at the site on Friday, knows the precise location of his/her lot.

A draft lease contract/agreement was passed to all lot recipients for review. NSPLA will inform all lessees of its next meeting, during which a final draft of the lease contract/agreement will be drawn and finalized. Anyone who has interests, concerns, or questions regarding the land lease program is asked to call 488-2871 or 855-2967

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