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Heat treatment for insects opens regional markets

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (NiuFM News, April 21, 2008) - A senior advisor for the Pacific says one of the problems with Pacific nations is not enough fruit and vegetables is produced all year round for the market.

New Zealand officials are currently providing assistance to Samoa to meet quarantine requirements for oranges, limes, chilies and tomatoes.

The Ministry of Agriculture's new senior advisor for the Pacific, Viliami Sakava, says Samoa is setting the benchmark in meeting bio security requirements with its use of heat treatment for insects. (listen)

"I think Tonga is doing the same. They've got their HTFA but they don't have from the production side and also the marketing is the problem. Likewise in the Cook Islands, they've got their plant and they got a bit of papaya coming in but there's not enough growers producing the papaya for the market."

Mr Sakava says citrus fruit from Samoa is expected to be on sale here by Christmas.

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