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Alleged misuse of public funds

KOROR, Palau (Palau Horizon, May 12, 2008) — Over 100 residents of Peleliu has signed a petition calling for the ouster of the state legislature’s speaker, Kalbesang Soalablai.

At the same time the petition calls for an audit of the 8th and 9th Peleliu State Legislature for alleged misuse of public funds.

Governor Jackson Ngiraingas in a letter to Public Auditor Saturnino Tewid said the audit should cover 2004 to 2008, and since then there has never been audited and had not been transparent and accountable for public funds allocated to it on annual basis through Peleliu State Annual Unified Budget.

The petition said that Soalablai was not elected by the majority at large of the people of Pelleiu.

The petition noted that under the leadership of Soalablai there was an increase in misuse of public funds through the budget of the Peleliu State Legislature.

The petition also alleged that the speaker continue to expend public funds for a vehicle repair shop owned by the legislature.

"We believe Soalablai does not want to see Peleliu State clean and beautiful for the people who reside in Peleliu including tourists who visit Peleliu everyday," the petition said.

Ngiraingas in his letter to the public auditor said that the petition is submitted to the public auditor as evidence of dissatisfaction of how Soalablai misused public funds without transparency and accountability to anyone.

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