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Doctors, nurses and other specialists paid their own way

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, May 21, 2008) - The Central Provincial government in the Solomon Islands has expressed joy about the work of an US health team visiting part of the province.

Provincial Health Minister Patteson Mae the team doctors, nurses and other specialists since yesterday have been providing basic health needs of hundreds of the people who have sought help the provincial capital, Tulagi.

"I want to advise the people of Central Province that the service the specialists have done at Taroniara and Tulagi today will be extended to Savo and Russells. I advise the people Savo and Russell people to ensure they to see the group. The group consists of specialist trained in their respective fields."

The US health team is being led by Dr. Linda Kwasny.

Last week the team held health camps in various places in and around Honiara.

They have been visiting Fiji over the past several years and this is their first visit to the Solomon Islands.

The team paid its own way to the country.

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