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Pacific Casino Hotel back in business after fire

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, June 3, 2008) - A hotel that was burnt down during the April 2006 riot in Honiara is now back in full-scale operations.

Pacific Casino Hotel was burnt down by looters who were protesting against the election of Snyder Rini as the country’s Prime Minister.

A hotel spokesperson yesterday told the Solomon Star that all the hotel’s services are now back to normal with much improved services.

The hotel was opened after the completion of a few rooms, followed by the opening of its bar, restaurant and just recently the opening of all services affected by the rioting.

"It is like the myth of phoenix bird which died and from its ashes came about a new beautiful bird," the hotel spokesperson said. "Pacific Casino Hotel, from the ashes as a result of the April 2006 rioting, we are able to rebuild and provide a beautiful and elegant hotel with deluxe services."

With the recent opening of its second accommodation wing, Pacific Casino Hotel wants to cater for the growing number of tourists visiting the country today.

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