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Includes $800,000 for assessment

By Moneth G. Deposa

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, July 17, 2008) – The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Board of Education (BOE) on Friday approved the submission to the federal government of a $9.177 million consolidated grant application for the Public School System (PSS) in fiscal year 2009.

Of this amount, $800,000 will be reserved for assessment.

PSS programs officer Tim Thornburgh, in a presentation to the board, said the remaining $8.3 million will go to state administration, professional school improvement, and local use of federal funds.

Read Today program and other public education activities will get $78,488 while monitoring of programs at 20 public schools and 25 private schools will be allotted $110,000.

Funds reserved for professional school improvements will amount to $1.068 million of which private schools will receive $170,000.

Also to be funded by federal grants are the Saturday reading program, $897,203; networked computers, scanners, $500,000; computers and equipment for school competitions, $252,000; monitoring and mentoring of novice teachers, $45,203.

Thornburgh said 85 percent of $8.3 million will fund school needs.

Of this amount, private schools will get $1.139 million while public schools will receive $5.981 million.

PSS will use $3 million for instructional materials, equipment and the salaries of 32 teachers under the Class Size Reduction Program which will receive $1.485 million from the federal government.

Professional development for principals and teachers will get $200,000 while tutorials and mentoring will receive $1.048 million to cover the salary of the participants of the Troops to Teachers Program and the junior and high school after-school programs.

Federal grants will also pay for the salaries of 24 reading resource teachers amounting to $247,246.

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