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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Aug. 8, 2008) – Manasseh Sogavare’s bid to win power looks like ending in an embarrassing defeat in Parliament Friday.

If it does, the Opposition Leader will hopefully give motions of no confidence a rest. For constant political instability does no good for the country.

[PIR editor’s note: Sogavare’s bid to unseat Prime Minister Sikua failed badly, by 8 to 39 vote.]

Those who benefit are the corrupt: The politicians who sell their votes to whoever is prepared to pay what they want. Those in the shadows who provide money to buy votes so they get a government which does what they want.

Meantime, the business of government is neglected. The news a team from here was in Papua New Guinea looking at its anti-party-hopping and pro-political integrity legislation is good.

Papua New Guinea is by no means perfect. But the laws brought in there paid definite dividends. Political stability greatly increased. The elected government was able to get on with governing and implementing policies. The economy prospered.

We need this too. The sooner the better.

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