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Residents urged to beware mosquitoes

SUVA, Fiji (FijiSUN, Aug. 20, 2008) - There have been two reported cases of probable dengue fever which has been tested positive.

Northern Health Service acting chief medical officer Dr. Pablo Romakin yesterday said the individuals including a 55-year old Fijian woman from Taveuni and a 22-year old woman from Savusavu, both tested positive from dengue serology.

Pablo said the age groups which are usually affected by dengue fever are children less than 10 years followed by those in the 11 to 20 years age group.

"Signs and symptoms of dengue fever include sustained fever for at least two days associated with headache, body ache and joint pain. Nausea or vomiting, rash and bruise may also be experienced by the individual and pain at the back of the eye would also be one of the symptoms if the individual is infected by dengue fever."

Pablo said in severe cases, patients who are affected with dengue may present fever associated with bleeding manifestations such as bleeding from the nose, mouth and gums. He said dengue was transmitted by Aedes mosquito which is black and white stripped.

"These mosquitoes usually breed in clean still water present in tins, tires, and vase. We can prevent dengue by cleaning our compounds regularly by eliminating mosquito breeding sites around homes. Discard items that collect rain or run off water especially tires, tins and other containers that will serve as receptacle for rain water and always clean your house gutters and free them from standing water."

Pablo said the use of use mosquito repellants as well as mosquito nets when sleeping were some ways in which dengue could be avoided in homes.

He has urged patients who experience such symptoms and signs of dengue to report to the nearest health centre as soon as possible.

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