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Prosecutor argues 2-month jail term too lenient

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 25, 2008) - Solomon Islands’ Director of Public Prosecutions is reported to have cross appealed a Magistrate’s verdict sentencing Forests Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, to a two month jail term after being found guilty of demanding money with menaces.

The conviction relates to Sir Allan’s ordering of former militants to raid and seize vehicles of legal form Sol Law Limited in 2002.

The DPP’s ground for the cross appeal was that the penalty imposed on Sir Allan was lenient.

The appeal is set down for hearing by the Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer on Friday.

Last December the Magistrate’s Court sentenced Sir Allan to a total of five months imprisonment.

However, the Magistrate said in view of Sir Allan’s outstanding service to the country, both before and since the commission of the offences, Sir Allan should be released after serving just two months of the sentence.

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