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Companies owe $1.5 million in license fees

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Aug. 31, 2008) - In Solomon Islands, the Isabel Provincial Government is threatening to cancel the business licenses of logging companies operating in the Province if their outstanding debts are not settled.

Provincial Treasurer, Patteson Devi said they have engaged legal firm, Pacific Lawyers to pursue this matter with the logging companies who owe the Province US$1.5 million. Parts of that debt date back to 2004.

The Province has issued a notice in the media for the companies concerned to justify why why their license should not be cancelled.

The notice also stated the Province will refuse, cancel and revoke all business licenses issued to all businesses and companies operating and carrying out felling of logs and timbers for export in Isabel.

The Province says non payment of business licences by the loggers has adversely affected the delivery of essential services such as education and he

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