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The ‘Vendemiaire’ patrols French waters

KOROR (Palau Horizon, Sept. 1, 2008) - French surveillance frigate Vendémiaire, headed by Commander Thierry Arnoult is paying a goodwill visit to Koror from August 30 until September 2, 2008.

As a surveillance frigate, Vendémiaire patrols high sea area and areas under French jurisdiction. The missions of its crew of 91 personnel including 11 officers include continuous duty at sea with the capacity to patrol, inform and deal with troublemakers, navigation police and fishery protection, projection of deterrent forces and participation in multilateral exercises and much bilateral cooperation with the navies of the region.

Vendémiaire is outfitted with high standard equipment such as helicopter Alouette III type SA 319 B that is designed for operations at sea. With a length of 95m, breadth of 14m and draft of 4.4m, it has a maximum displacement of 2,800 tons. Its name refers to the month of grape harvest in the calendar of the 18th century French revolution (from September 22 to October 21).

Arriving from Vladivostok (Russia) on August 30, Vendémiaire will then sail on September 2 for its home port Nouméa (New Caledonia).

This 4-day goodwill visit’s objective is to promote friendship and cooperation between the Palau and France as nations of the Pacific.

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