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Dead wildlife, mucked yachts

MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Yokwe, Oct. 3, 2008) - A large oil spill at Uliga has mucked up moored yatchts and a section of shoreline on the capital atoll of Majuro, in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Ben Chutaro reported that the foul smelling oil spill stretched from the Uliga dock to his property. He collected oil samples and contacted the Environmental Protection Agency (RMIEPA) on the morning of October 3. As of 5:45 p.m., no action at the scene had been taken.

"I was told by Ronny (EPA) that he had to deal with an earlier spill by Mobil's "Golden Micronesia" and said he noticed the oil spill around my area. He told me that he informed the other responsible authorities, Ports, T&C and others to activate the oil spill containment plan. He also told me that he waited at the dock, but no one showed up." Chutaro said he does not know where it came from, but they noticed the smell from their residence early Friday morning.

"It could be the purse siener, the mother ship or Mobil's Golden Micronesia. It could be something or someone anywhere from the Delap dock to PII where the current winds are now coming."

He said that this crisis could be an opportunity to activate the new oil containment plan and see if it works.

In the meantime, the oil continues to slush around and dead wildlife is now visible.

The winds are now southwesterly are expected to continue in this direction, somewhat containing the spill.

"An opportunity exists to deal with the problem now before the winds switch back to normal and the oil goes out to Long Island or some of the smaller inlets in Majuro."

Over the past week, several oil spills have also been reported at the dock and around the airport area.

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