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Tahiti wants the currency, New Caledonia doesn’t

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Oct. 19, 2008) – French Polynesia is to proceed with plans to adopt the Euro as its currency by 2011.

Radio Australia's Pacific correspondent Campbell Cooney reports, however, the other major French territory in the Pacific, New Caledonia, is not as keen on the idea.

The government of France's Pacific territory, French Polynesia, says adopting the Euro as its currency will assist develop the country's economy.

Another French Territory, Wallis and Futuna, has also expressed support for the change.

But its third territory, New Caledonia, with its strong independance movement is not so keen.

The French government in Paris, says it will support the change, if all three of its territories act together.

But French Polynesia's minister for economy, Guy Lejeune, says it will proceed with its plans on its own, if necessary.

If adopted the Euro will replace the French Pacific Franc, which has been the currency in France's territories in the region since 1946.

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