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Relief supplies donated to homeless villagers

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Nov. 21, 2008) – More than PGK7,000 [US$2,800] worth of relief supplies was delivered to the Kiwesawa villagers in Finschhafen last Saturday.

The relief supplies were donated by the Finschhafen member of parliament, Theo Zurecnuoc, from the member’s discretional funds.

[PIR editor’s note: Finschhafen is a district on the northeast coast of the Morobe province of Papua New Guinea. ]

The supplies purchased included water containers, tents, and four bales of second hand clothes, plates, cups, pots, kitchen knives, bed sheets and nails.

The Kiwesawa people were left homeless when their village was burnt down to ashes in retaliation over a killing of a youth in a combine raid by the Rumbing and Mororuo villagers early this month.

The victim was an escapee who was killed by the Kiwesawa villagers when he attacked an old man and stole chicken with his gang.

Reports received from Finschhafen yesterday said people were slowly moving back to their homes.

Local communities in Finschhafen also donated goods in cash and kind to the villagers where a short devotion was held before handing over the goods.

The MP Mr Zurecnuoc also urged people to return back to their village and start rebuilding their homes.

He said that the burning down of the village was totally wrong and immoral.

He said it showed that the community had decided to defend someone who has done wrong.

"It is now a challenge for us to stand up together and weed out bad people within the ," he said.

Meanwhile, the MP’s office has organised a special group through its Integrated Community Development Program and dispatched to Kiwesawa to assess the situation.

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