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United Parcel Service bows to conservationists

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Dec. 31, 2008) – America’s large cargo air transport service, United Parcel Service (UPS), has decided not to ship anymore live dolphins from the Solomon Islands in the future.

In a letter written by UPS to the Animal Welfare Institute obtained by Solomon Star; the airline’s CEO Scott Davis said they will to accept any more future charters to transport live dolphins.

UPS made the decision following pressure from animal welfare groups for the carrier to abide by its policy, which is not to transport wild and live animals.

The airline owned the cargo jet that transported seven live dolphins early this month from the Solomon Islands to the Philippines.

When contacted through email, Director of the Earth Islands Institute based in the United States Mark Berman said they have shown their disagreement with UPS, which the company respectfully adhered to.

"UPS is not shipping dolphins any longer due to our coalition showing that this type of trade must end," Mr. Berman said.

He said the international community would close markets if the Solomon Islands Government continues to allow live dolphin export.

"If your government refuses to end this disgusting trade, then we in the international community will close the markets for these dolphins," he said

He said he had also received green light from the SkyAirworld Chief Executive Officer on the issue.

"The CEO of SkyAirworld, David Charlton, personally told me when I was on his inaugural flight in March this year that he would not promote captive dolphin programmes at all. He would only promote true eco-tourism," Berman said.

SkyAirworld is set to redevelop the Anuha Island Resort in the New Year.

Meanwhile, local environmental campaigner Lawrence Makili he also received confirmation that UPS has refuse to deal with any further charters for live animals here.

He said UPS’s charter policy does not allow them to carry live animals from the wild to any aquarium or zoo.

"They only realised this after the trip from the Solomons that the dolphins have been in the wild and were not been in any aquarium or zoo here," Mr Makili said.

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