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High waves last month destroyed food gardens

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Jan. 6, 2009) – The Malaita outer Island of Sikaiana is in dire need to food relief, Malaita Province’s Disaster Coordinator Pearson Simi said.

Mr. Simi, who led the multi agency team sent recently to Lord Howe and Pelau with relief supplies, said Sikaiana is also affected. He said Sikaiana was also hit by waves and many food gardens have been wiped out.

"During the assessment trip, we also found that Sikaiana people also suffered the same fate as those on Lord Howe and Pelau and are in need of relief supplies," he said.

Early last month, a huge wave hit Pelau and Lord Howe, destroying food gardens and left many hungry and homeless.

Meanwhile, Simi said the final assessment report has been compiled and is now with the Director of the National Disaster Management Office Loti Yates.

He said all agencies that sent their personnel, including medical and agriculture officers to Lord Howe Last month, have sent in their reports.

Simi said one of the recommendations in the report is for another team to be sent there.

"The team would consist of agriculture officers who would assist in reforming the people affected in growing crops," he said

Simi however said that further relief supplies are recommended for the people including those on Sikaiana.

Director of the National Disaster Management Office Mr. Yates said he is still tidying up the report before forwarding it to the National Disaster Council.

"I’ am still ironing up the report because there are few things that need to be tidied up before sending it to the National Disaster Council, "Yates said.

"Therefore I would not speculate on what is in the report as it will take a few days before the report is released," he added.

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