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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (, Jan. 21, 2009) – The days when village chiefs were the most respected and highly revered are thinning away.

Today, power and prestige chiefs once enjoyed have been undermined and trampled upon by the younger generation.

It’s no wonder chiefs of Moli ward on Guadalcanal are demanding more power and recognition from parliament.

Whether parliament will ever consider and eventually grant the chiefs’ request remains to be seen.

But the chiefs there are right. In fact they were merely expressing what most chiefs today are experiencing.

That is they are losing their status and recognition due to disrespect from today’s young.

To regain that, they want parliament to help empower them through legislative mechanism that would give them the authority to deal effectively with communal issues and disputes.

They would not have done that if the younger generation shows them the due respect they deserve as elders and authorities of our communities.

All that our chiefs are asking for is some respect.

The younger generation may think they are more educated than our chiefs. And this is the main reason for showing little or no respect to our chiefs.

If this is the way some of our young people think, they need to think again.

Because our chiefs, and we are talking about the genuine and legitimate ones here, have every right to intervene and decide on issues affecting the community.

So let’s give them that respect that is rightly due to them.

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