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Both claim to be the rightful representatives

By Raquel Bagnol

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, January 26 2009) – The commonwealth government has asked the Superior Court to order a settlement between two groups on Rota that claim to be the true officers of the Rota Ansarul Muslim Mosqui Community.

The government filed the complaint for interpleader against Nurul Paeda and Edris Monsi who both claimed to represent the rightful group of the corporation.

The CNMI government, through Assistant Attorney General Tom Schweiger, is asking the court to issue an order to determine which of the two groups represented by the defendants is the rightful officers of Rota Ansarul Muslim Mosqui Community.

The government is also asking the court to order and command each of the defendants to interplead and settle among themselves who are the officers of the corporation and to restrain and enjoin each of the defendants from prosecuting any proceeding in any other local court or any U.S. District Court.

Upon final hearing, the plaintiff asks the court to restrain each of the defendants and their attorneys, representatives and other persons to claim from prosecuting any further proceeding in this case, and that the court grant relief as it deems proper. Documents showed that on Nov. 18, 2008, the Registrar of Corporations received separate annual corporation reports and meeting minutes for the Rota Ansarul Muslim Mosqui Community from both defendants but only one of the two groups can be the representative of the corporation.

The complaint stated that CNMI faces liability if it refuses to recognize the rightful representatives of this corporation but the plaintiff is in doubt and cannot safely determine between the claim of the group represented by Paeda and the group represented by Edris Monsi.

In December last year, Paeda representing the Rota Ansarul Muslim Mosqui Community asked the court to issue a temporary restraining order and injunction against Monsi and 12 other defendants for corporate hijacking and for scandalizing the mosque on Rota.

Paeda accused the defendants of misrepresenting the organization and disrespecting the mosque by making it into a place for eating, lodging and engaging in fights. He filed five causes of action against Monsi and the other defendants for injunction and damages, trespass, conversion, and for accounting.


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