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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (February 10, 2009) – Let’s take a serious look at acting Commissioner of Police Peter Marshall’s observation of Honiara.

The city, he says, was dirty and scruffy because of littering.

Mr Marshall, a New Zealander, had travelled the Pacific and parts of the world.

He found Honiara very dirty and a town where people throw rubbish anywhere, everywhere.

Ask a tourist or any foreigner living here and they’ll tell you exactly as Mr Marshall did.

So here we are working and living in the dirtiest city of the South Pacific.

Isn’t that a challenge? Are we not confronted by this brutal truth?

Solomon Islanders should be concerned by this. We should be worry at the negative things others are saying about our capital city.

People like Mr Marshall are not trying to insult or offend us. They are basically telling us the truth.

The answer to Honiara’s dirty image falls squarely with us Solomon Islanders. No one else will come and sort this mess.

Honiara can become the cleanest city of the South Pacific if we want it to be.

But we don’t want that. We want Honiara to be the dirtiest town of the South Pacific.

We throw rubbish anywhere, everywhere. We pollute our shoreline with raw sewerage.

We deface our streets and buildings with betel nut stains. And we trampled upon city laws designed to ensure there’s orderly conduct of business here.

Unless we start to change our attitude and take ownership and responsibility for our city, Honiara will remain as it is – the dirtiest town of the South Pacific.

Aren’t you challenged?

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