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Among several incidents reported to police over weekend

By Assumpta Piva

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Feb. 10, 2009) - Police ended their investigation into the death of a man killed by a crocodile in Marovo, Western Province, last week.

The body was found floating in front of his home village late on Saturday. The 28 year old man from Kwaio was missing since Thursday night at 12 p.m. when he went out with his friend to a nearby reef searching for bech-de-mer.

The crocodile attack took place when the two returned to their village. The deceased reportedly left to dive for some more bech-de-mer just in-front of his home village when he was attacked by the crocodile.

The man saw what happened, but couldn’t save his friend. He quickly went back and reported the incident to relatives and village people who came out searching for the deceased all night till the body was found on Saturday afternoon.

Police had confirmed the death from medical authorities and before the body was buried on Sunday afternoon.

This was one of many crocodile-related incidents reported to police over the weekend.

In Honiara, RAMSI police killed one crocodile at Ranadi, east Honiara, after they were called to the area.

Police Media also said two crocodiles were sighted on Saturday at the Alligator Creek. But when police arrived at the scene the reptiles were already gone.

Another sighting was reported at D.C Park, Henderson.

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