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Some 600 cases last year dwindle to less than 100

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Feb. 13, 2009) – The number of dengue fever cases in American Samoa continues to drop, despite the fact that the island-wide campaign expected to start in January has not yet been launched.

Well over 600 cases of the disease were recorded in the territory last year and it reached pandemic proportions across the Pacific Basin.

So far this year less than a hundred cases have been reported.

She says people have been doing their own cleaning up but health authorities also believe more people are taking care of themselves at home.

"And only come to the hospital when it’s absolutely necessary, if the high fever doesn’t subside. So I think it’s a combination of that and also perhaps the clean up work is working. The other thing is it’s really really hot and maybe the weather has something to do with it as well."

However Monica Miller says the health department still intends to launch the mutli-agency, island-wide campaign against dengue fever and is urging people not to drop their guard.

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