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‘We could not stop them’

By Harlyne Joku

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Feb. 16, 2009) Opportunistst looted hundreds of bags of flour and rice that fell off an 8-tonne truck along the Poreporena Highway roundabout at Waigani last Friday.

The truck ran off the road turning out of the highway from Town into Waigani Drive near Stop and Shop. The back of its right back wheel got stuck in one of

the open storm water holes, causing the truck to tilt. Five pallets carrying a hundreds (one kilogram) of packets of rice and flour crashed on the road

attracting opportunists who swarmed in and also plundered the goods that were on the truck.

Police arrived half an hour later after the opportunists had walked off with the goods.

All along the highway towards Hohola and the inner roads, people walked off with packets of flour and rice.

Keni Bune a TST employee on the truck said he was caught by surprise when the truck swerved off the road.

Mr Bune confirmed that as the load broke loose and the five pallets on the truck carrying a hundreds of packets of rice and flour crashed onto the road

people, ran to the scene to make off with the rice and flour.

"We could not stop them. The crowd swarmed in and helped themselves to the packets of rice and flour," he said.

The truck was heading to Waigani TST when the incident occurred.

The TST manager Ivan Aung when contacted said he did not have the authority to comment.

He referred us to the general manager at Hohola TST whom he said would be available to comment today.

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