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SELF-PROCLAIMED ‘KING’ CALLS FOR PEACE IN BOUGAINVILLE Bougainville president Tanis welcomes notorious fugitive

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, February 20, 2009) – U-VISTRACT fast money scheme principal Noah Musingku, promoter of an independent Bougainville and a separate financial system for his followers, says he now wants total peace for the island. Mr Musingku, declared bankrupt by the Bank of PNG and wanted by police for fraud, came out of hiding on Tuesday to meet a delegation led by Autonomous Region of Bougainville President James Tanis. Speaking after a four-hour meeting with Mr .Tanis at his Tonu camp, Mr Musingku said he would like to see the people of Bougainville united and work together for peace and unity.  He challenged Bougainvilleans to forget about their differences and unite as one people. Tanis described Musingku, a self-proclaimed "king" of the "kingdom of Papala", as a leader in his own right, saying a man or woman who has some followers was a leader regardless of the number of followers. Tanis said his meeting with Musingku was to get to know him, re-establish their relations and build on that relationship. The president led a delegation of Autonomous Bougainville Government ministers and officials including Public Service Minister Robert Hamal Sawa, Health Minister Thomas Lugabai, Minister for Veterans Affairs Glen Tovirika, Minister for Women Laura Ampa, Minister for Local Level Government Jonathan Ngati and South Bougainville National Government MP Steven Pirika Kama. The ABG delegation was accorded a warm traditional welcome and a guard of honour by U-Vistract "soldiers". In a joint statement, Mr Musingku expressed his "utmost happiness" with the visit by Mr Tanis and his ABG ministers. "I want total peace in Bougainville but this will take time and commitment. "Peace will only come if we, all leaders and people, work together in unity," Musingku said. "Everything cannot just fall in line as most of us expect, but needed timing. "There is always time for everything and God alone knows that precious moment." Tanis said his first visit to Tonu had opened up the "narrow gate". "As I have stated in my inaugural speech, I wanted to bridge the gap between all levels of government, people and factions," he said. Tanis was met on arrival by Maloni Namoli, who is Mr Musingku’s international chief of protocol. Mr. Namoli is the only Fijian remaining with Mr Musingku. The other four left last year after failing to land a A$1 million [US$646,000] deal that Mr Musingku had promised them. Tanis said he wanted the National Government to pardon Mr Musingku of his pending charges. Media reports suggested that the National Executive Council would determine in Wabag next week how to deal with Musingku. Musingku went into hiding after his U-Vistract pyramid scheme collapsed, leaving thousands of clients broke and demanding that he be arrested and brought to trial. The National:


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