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Queenn Victoria largest luxury ship to stop at Saipan

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, February 24, 2009) – Two luxury ships will visit Saipan on Wednesday and Sunday, tour agents and the Commonwealth Ports Authority’s seaport office said.

The Pacific Venus and the Queen Victoria will be the third and fourth luxury ships that will dock at the local harbor this year, according to seaport manager, Mary Ann Lizama.

The 600-foot long Pacific Venus has over 200 passengers on board and this will be its second visit to the island.

The first time was three years ago.

Cesar Dumatol, manager of A&T, the agency that makes all arrangements for ship passengers and crewmembers, said Pacific Venus is operated by Japan Cruise Line.

It will dock at the Saipan seaport from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

It has already left Australia and will be stopping by here on its way back to Japan.

The Queen Victoria, which is 964 feet long, will visit Saipan for the first time, Lizama said.

It is a cruise ship in the Cunard Line fleet named after Britain’s Queen Victoria.

It will be the largest ship to visit Saipan.

Earlier this year, passengers of two luxury ships — Nippon Maru and Asuka II — celebrated New Year’s Eve on Saipan.

Passengers of luxury ships that include Saipan as one of their Pacific destination usually spend time on the island shopping, dining and strolling.

Last year, there were about five luxury ships that docked at Saipan’s seaport.

This year, Lizama said they are expecting more ships to visit the island.

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