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One congressional seat remains vacant over "irregularities"

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSMIS, Mar 19, 2009) - The Federated States of Micronesia’s national election director, Kimeuo Kimiuo, has certified the winning candidates for the FSM congressional election held on March 3.

In a letter to President Manny Mori, Kimiuo said he is "convinced that the supervision and conduct of the…election throughout the FSM…and abroad" complied with the law.

He added, "I am also convinced that the transmitted certification and declaration election results to my office by the four commissioners are the true outcomes of the election results for the whole FSM nation."

[PIR Editor’s Note: For a complete list of Chuuk State and FSM national elections results please go here.]

But not all election districts were certified.

Election District #5- Northwest Region, Chuuk state was not submitted due to irregularities.

According to Kimiuo, "It is my solemn duty to uphold and protect the principles of democracy for the nation and the supervision and administration of the election integrity and credibility at all times. Thus, because of some election results irregularity in Election District #5…I am withholding my certification for the winning candidate for said election district, until the election results irregularity is resolved."

In the previous, unofficial results, Tony Otto led Election District #5 of Chuuk over the incumbent, Sen. Moses Nelson. The difference between these two candidates was 25 votes.

According to the declaration, the certified winning candidates are as follows:





The certification for the winning candidate in Election District #5 – Northwest Region will be made after the alleged irregularities are considered and fully resolved, Kimiuo said.

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