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Bus Association says fuel costs not only factor

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (RNZI, Mar. 23, 2009) - The South Tarawa and Betio Bus Association in Kiribati says a recent drop in fuel prices does not justify reducing bus fares.

The Teinainano Urban Council and the Betio Town Council are considering making bus tickets cheaper if the cost of petrol stays low.

But the Chairman of the Association Taukeke Karotu says the price of fuel is only one factor that makes up the bus fares and says he will resist any plans to reduce ticket prices.

"The price is made up of many, many things," says Karotu. "And in order for the bus to be road worthy there are things that we must make sure that are in good order otherwise the bus would not be allowed to operate on the road."

Taukeke Karotu says the bus fares are used to pay for staff wages and the rising cost of spare parts.

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