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Wenge claims action would help curb HIV/AIDS in PNG

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, March 25, 2009) – Morobe Governor Luther Wenge has called on the people to petition Parliament to legalise prostitution.

Mr. Wenge, speaking at the pre-World TB Daylast Saturday at Lae Hockey field, said HIV/AIDS was killing people even when the Health Department was spending millions in awareness programmes.

The outspoken governor told the gathering of about 1,000 people that they had to take a petition to Parliament "and tell the Health Minister that there was no medicine for HIV/AIDS virus. Therefore, Parliament should legalise prostitution in PNG".

He said he saw no reason for PNG not to legalise the profession.

Wenge said the Health Department needed to have practical solutions to curb the rise of HIV/AIDS.

He said: "Parents need to blame themselves for being careless and taking less responsibility of their homes and families."

Wenge said persons with TB could contract HIV/AIDS because when TB germ weaken the body’s immune systems, "there was little hope of escape".

"We need healthy human resources in the country to move the country forward," he added.

"If HIV/AIDS has no cure, then human attitudes and behaviour needed to be changed or otherwise legalise prostitution in the country so that prostitutes, women and men are taken care of by specialist doctors," Wenge said.

He said awareness programmes were using diplomatic languages to educate people instead of direct language "that’s why the wild fire is continuing".

He stressed that Parliament needed to pass a bill that made it compulsory for condoms to be used all the time.

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