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‘The Real Swiss Family Robinson’ set in Atiu

Helen Greig

RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (Cook Islands News, March 25, 2009)—The Real Swiss Family Robinson, a BBC four-part documentary, was filmed on the island of Atiu in January and February by a production company named Ricochet.

The filming reportedly saw tremendous monetary benefit injected directly into the community for services rendered such as security, vehicle drivers, catering, accommodation, purchases, rentals and even to landowners.

As a gesture of thank you to all the community of Atiu for their support, and for allowing the BBC the rights to film on the island, a sum of money was presented to the island council by Roger Malcolm on Ricochet’s behalf.

The island council decided that the funds be donated to the purchase of a set of water filters for the Atiu Hospital. The water filter system cost $1495 from CI Water Services.

The documentary is based on a book of the same name. The screening of the Atiu part of the production called ‘The hunts in the Cook Islands’ is planned for 9pm on Good Friday April 10 in the UK.

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