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President Tomeing faces second attempt to oust him

MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, April 5, 2009) - The Marshall Islands parliament is expected to debate a no confidence motion against President Litokwa Tomeing this week.

The motion was table by former Foreign Minister Tony De Brum, who was fired last month by President Tomeing for publicly criticizing him.

Last week, Mr. De Brum was one of seven signatories of a motion of no confidence filed against President Tomeing, and under parliament’s rules, it has 5-10 days to table it, and that’s expected to happen this Wednesday.

Local commentators have indicated De Brum’s motion has the support of the majority of parliament.

Neither he, or President Tomeing are commenting, but the country’s new Foreign Minister John Silk says he know very little about the motion.

"I haven’t seen a copy of that motion," he said.

Tomeing was elected President in early 2008. It’s the second no confidence motion he’s faced in less than six months.

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