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Law and justice exhibition opens in Lae

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, April 7, 2009) – Ignorance of the law in Papua New Guinea was no excuse because ignorance was prevalent in all aspects of life.

Lae-based Justice Nicholas Kirriwom said during the official opening of two weeks PNG Law and Justice Sector Exhibition at PNG University of Technology yesterday.

Justice Kirriwom said there needs to be in place a means to educate people about laws because PNG has a very poor record of educating people about the laws of this country.

He said that there was not enough awareness done to educate the people, adding that the exhibition was very important and has grown due to all sectors working together. The exhibition will run for two weeks and schools and the general public are invited to the exhibition.

It is hoped that the message of a ’Just, Safe and Secure Society" can be effectively dissemination.

Director of the Law and Justice Sector Secretariat Mr. Joe Kanekane said that the PNG Law and Justice Sector were working strongly to decrease crime rates in the country.

Speaking during the launching, Kanekane said that the good thing was that all the Law and Justice Sector agencies were working together to bring order to the communities under the Law and Justice Sector program.

He said that they were targeting schools to bring the message across to the students who will then influence others when they go home.

Momase Assistant Commissioner of Police Giossi Labi also said that as members of the Law and Justice Sector, the people have a duty to uphold and preserve the rule of the country as the country was experiencing serious crime problem.

Mr. Labi said that "to effectively carry out this duty, we must firstly ensure that members of our communities understand and appreciate the various roles and functions, the agencies of the sector play in the dispensation of this duty before we can enforce the rule of law in our communities and the country as a whole."

"We start by educating our people to respect the rule of law and the roles sector agencies play in regard to the rule of law.

In return we in the sector need to understand and appreciate the problems affecting the lives of our people," he said.

Assistant Commissioner Labi said that one way to combat crime and lawlessness was through education and awareness.

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