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Some officers have exceeded their authority

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 26, 2009) – Senior figures in Fiji’s security forces have been apologising for some of their actions at an evangelical Christian conference this weekend.

Those speaking include the interim Prime Minister, the head of the navy and a top Fiji police officer.

From Suva, Philippa Tolley has more.

"Right across Fiji’s main shopping area, a banner is spread, saying ‘Jesus is the only way’, and a particular preacher is in Suva for the Be A Man conference. This conference is being addressed by Commodore Bainamarama and is also due to be addressed by the Navy Commander, Francis Kean, who has just taken up his position again earlier this year. Commander Kean was allowed to retake his position as the head of the Navy after serving an 18-month sentence for manslaughter. During the Be A Man workshop he apologised to the family of his victim, John Whippy. In a speech broadcast to the Korovou prison, a senior police officer, Waisea Tabaqau, apologised for wrongdoings against prisoners, saying sometimes police officers abuse the authority given to them."

Radio New Zealand International:

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