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FSM Maritime Surveillance tracking boat near Ngulu Atoll

COLONIA, Yap (Yap State Government, May 6, 2009) –A Taiwanese vessel has been fishing illegally on the reef of Ngulu Atoll.

According to Federated States of Micronesia Maritime Surveillance records, the vessel is not licensed to fish in FSM waters.

The MV. Shin Yeou No. 6 was seen entering Ngulu’s 12-mile zone by FSM Maritime Surveillance and preceded to Ngulu’s northwestern reef where it stopped.

Since the vessel stopped there, it remained fixed at that very same spot until it started to move from that position a day later.

FSM Maritime Surveillance tracked the vessel to have moved from its fixed position at the northwestern part of the reef and slowly moving southward until it exited Ngulu’s 12-mile zone in the evening, and changed direction to head south eastward.

On the next day, FSM Maritime Surveillance reported the vessel in the south vicinity of Sorol Atoll and still moving southeastward. An FSM Maritime Surveillance unit will participate in a joint maritime exercise with Palau and the U.S. Coast Guard in and around the Guam-Yap-Palau waters.

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