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Only ferry sailing to island postponed

By Charlina Tone

APIA, Samoa (Newsline Samoa Newspaper, May 10, 2009) – Travel to Tokelau has been cancelled by the health ministry until further notice as a precaution for swine flu.

At the moment they are eliminating any risks of the virus entering the island.

This was confirmed by Makalio Ioane operations manager for ofisa Tokelau, "the ferry is postponed but will still be travelling there only to take supplies to the island, however none of the crew will get off or make contact with the people there. The ship will off load its cargo then come back."

He was unaware of when travelling will be back to normal, but says it will depend on when the health ministry decide that it is safe again.

Although there is no confirmed case of swine flu in Samoa, there are still people coming in and out of the country that may have the symptoms.

A group of Samoans are currently being monitored by the health ministry after travelling from South America on the same flight with New Zealand students that had the virus.

One gentleman that wanted to travel to Tokelau on the next ferry says although he is upset he is glad that the health ministry has taken this precaution for the safety of the people there.

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