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Angels and Demons ‘will lead people astray’

APIA, Samoa (Newsline Samoa Newspaper, May 27, 2009) – "I strongly agree that the banning of ‘Angels And Demons’ was an apt decision made by the censorship committee", Father Fereti Tautunu of Mulivai tells Newsline.

"We need to protect our people of Samoa.

I congratulate them (the censorship committee) because they made the right decision at the right time, especially at this time of society.

We are living in a Christian country, that kind of movie will lead people astray.

We don’t want the faithful to be riddled with confusion because it brings out false information that I think will affect the whole of Christianity".

He labeled this kind of movie as "a persecution on Christianity".

"Dan Brown and his scientists twisted the Christian beliefs to make a movie that is misleading to the public and scratches their imagination".

He says that after seeing the preview for ‘Angels And Demons’, he has no interest in watching the movie itself.

Father Fereti strongly believes that Ron Howard’s movie based on best-selling Dan Brown novel ‘Angels And Demons’ will affect the people of Samoa because of it’s lack of discretion.

He sympathizes for Magik Cinemas’ owner but stands by the decision by the censorship committee for the ban.

"Movies are so powerful; you hear, you forget, you see, you remember", he says,

"The goal of media is to provide information, to educate and to entertain.

What is the target of bringing out the movie ‘Milk’?

To legalize what is not legal in Samoa – gay marriage?

What is behind their decision for ‘Angels And Demons’?

It is not at all entertaining, they clearly have a goal".

In addition, he strongly agrees on the banning of ‘Milk’ saying it was "a good decision".

"We need a censorship committee which is firm on their decisions and that’s what we have".

He compared the strong effect of the well known Philippine movies on our people to how ‘Angels And Demons’ will affect our people.

However, he says, the Catholic Church has nothing to do with the ban and that the final decision is made by the censorship committee.

"Before the movie, the preview comes out first.

After watching the movie, it is then rated accordingly; however, when there is a controversial movie, the censorship committee then has a serious meeting of discussion before any decisions are made.

We (the council of churches) only voice our concerns about the movie.

The movies that are currently banned could maybe have just gotten a rating.

But even then, more is to be said depending on what age group it is recommended for".

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