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Politics, culture, economics on the table for discussion

PAPEÉTE, Tahiti (Tahitipresse, June 8, 2009)—An official ceremony launched a round of intensive consultation of politicians, trade-unions and associations last Friday in Tahiti. This round of consultation is to take place in all French overseas territories.

This vast brainstorming with the goal of seeing what should be done in the years to come both for the political situation, for economic development and cultural enhancement, has been decided by Paris after weeks of social unrest in the French West Indies.

In some French overseas territories, this consultation called "Etats Généraux", has already started.

In French Polynesia, a first meeting was organized Friday at the University of French Polynesia campus in Tahiti's west coast Commune of Punaauia.

Associations, trade-unions and managers' representatives were told how the consultation would be organized.

The process will start in June and last several weeks with a final report which will be probably be brought to Paris by French Polynesia President Oscar Temaru himself.

All relevant issues can be discussed in the framework of this consultation. However, some guests said they were skeptical about the final output.

It could prove to be useless and just a waste of time if Paris was to disregard it, they said.

Oscar Temaru said that political stability was more than ever necessary for French Polynesia.

Talks about what some call the "Maohi Nui agreements" will also be possible in the framework of this consultation, he added.

Inspired by the New Caledonian "Accords de Matignon", this document could establish the principle of self-determination referendums for French Polynesia.

Several workshops on different themes will soon be held in Tahiti, the organizers announced during this first meeting.

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