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Opposition claims it can bring down Natapei

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, June 8, 2009) – Members of the Opposition signed a Memorandum of Agreement yesterday at Salili where 27 MPs were present to sign the MOA as well as a motion of no confidence.

The blocs involved in the signing included the Alliance, the Vanuatu Republican Party and the bloc led by Speaker of Parliament George Wells.

According to the sharing of portfolios, the Alliance will be holding the position of Prime Minister along with five other portfolios that include Finance, Internal Affairs, Lands, Justice and Social Welfare, and Ni-Vanuatu Business.

Alliance also hold the position of First Deputy Speaker as well as Government Whip.

The bloc led by MP George Wells have been given the post of Deputy Prime Minister along with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Public Utilities, Agriculture and Livestock, Health, and Youth Development and Training.

This bloc will also hold the post of Leader of Government Business.

The Vanuatu Republican Party was offered by the post of the Speaker of Parliament along with the portfolios of Education and Trade.

The VRP were also given the post of Second Deputy Speaker.

Leaders of these three blocs were present yesterday including government MPs led by Wells and they include Harry Iauko, Joshua Kalsakau, newly elected Nagriamel MP for Epi, MP Dominique Morin, MP Samson Samsen, and MP Roro Sambo.

The Opposition claimed at the signing yesterday that while there are only 27 MPs present, the number actually stands at 29 MPs that are expected to change the government today.

But the numbers game remains to be seen after today's parliament.

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