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Ex-President of Law Society says it legitimizes regime

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, June 14, 2009) – The former President of the Fiji Law Society, Graham Leung, says he felt that by applying for a certificate to practise law in the country would have given the interim government recognition.

The deadline for lawyers to apply for a certificate to practise law in the country closed on Friday.

Under the new legal practitioners decree, the issuing of these certificates has been transferred from the Law Society to the Chief Registrar.

Graham Leung says he did not apply for the certificate because he does not recognise the interim government.

Mr. Leung says he expects a large number of lawyers took a pragmatic approach and applied.

"My position is a personal one it’s not meant to prescriptive but ah it’s a great pity that there is this denial even by many lawyers that all is well in the legal profession, when it is not."

Leung says with regime critics applying under this new decree, they give the interim government a defacto recognition.

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