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No more across the board pay increases

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Sun, June 23, 2009) – The Public Service Commission chairman Josefa Serulagilagi confirmed that there will be no pay increments across the board for civil servants.

"However, each civil servant will have to prove themselves to be eligible for a pay rise," Mr. Serulagilagi said.

According to the PSC all permanent secretaries will undergo more frequent reviews under the Performance Management System.

Serulagilagi said this would allow the PSC to determine the people who are carrying out their work properly.

Serulagilagi said the PSC would ensure that pay rises would only be awarded to people who performed well.

He said while the review of civil servants' performances will be carried out on a yearly basis, the review for permanent secretaries will be carried out more often.

The PSC believes that permanent secretaries play a key in the ministry and the PSC would ensure that they fulfilled their roles.

Serulagilagi said with government aiming to put all civil servants on contracts, he said this would enable the PSC to implement the merit based increment system.


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