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President’s team returns from Guantanamo

By Bernadette H. Carreon

KOROR, Palau (Palau Horizon, June 29, 2009) – Palau is currently in the process of drafting a written resettlement proposal and responses from the Uighur detainees earlier interviewed by the Palau delegation.

In a briefing with the members of Congress on Tuesday, President Toribiong said that only eight out of the 13 detainees agreed to be interviewed.

The Palau delegation said that all but two of the detainees interviewed were represented by a counsel.

The president said the detainees also have several questions regarding Palau such as if the country has the capability to ensure their safety and as to whether they can travel outside of the country if they want to do so.

In a press statement from the House of Delegates, the president’s team which visited the detention facility said that there is only one detainee interested in temporarily resettling in Palau.

The president also said the country is yet to receive a formal response from the United States regarding its acceptance of its request to temporarily resettle the detainees in Palau.

He said it is still unclear whether the detainees are coming to Palau or not.

Toribiong reiterated in the briefing that he opted to accept the request from the United States after consulting with his constitutional advisors, the leaders of the Republic and fundamentally accepted on three conditions: temporary stay; humanitarian purpose which is imbedded in our culture and tradition, and periodic review of detainees.

The team was composed of Health Minister Dr. Stevenson Kuartei, Palau Community College (PCC) President Dr. Patrick Tellei accompanied by support staff.

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