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Investors from California, China, Taiwan, South Korea

By Junhan B. Todeno

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, July 1, 2009) – NEO Goldwings Paradise will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for its Tinian casino project on Friday.

Company president Hyun Ming In said the event will be witnessed by their partners and investors from California, China, Taiwan and South Korea.

"This consortium of investors promises the success of our plan to bring a ‘big bang’ into the CNMI," Hyun said.

NGP vice president Woo Kwi Dong said they will make an official presentation to the Fitial administration on July 2.

The project is a 1,000-room hotel and 400 villas on 300 hectares [741 acres] of public land.

Woo said the project "is the most unique of its kind between here, Asia and the U.S. and we’re tickled to death that it will eventually take off."

According to Hyun, "We have taken a bullish commitment knowing that our investment would send positive signals to other investors in the Asian region that this investment venue is the best there is."

He said the hotel’s location is only about three to four hours away from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

Their hotel, he said, will offer an all-year fun in the sun especially during the winter months.

He said they plan to cultivate a lasting relationship with the host government.

"Upon completion, this super hotel and resort would become the Manhattan of Far East Asia in the tropical setting and blue waters of the NMI," Hyun said.

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